My name is Marina and I love working with my hands, whether it's sewing, painting, or creating anything that I can make on my own. After I created and started wearing several of my handmade bags, my friends and family kept on asking me if I could make the bags for them. I agreed and started looking in the wide, wild world of the internet for interesting fabrics for the bags. After much searching, I came across Global Mamas, a website that sells handmade products, including fabric by the yard by a women’s cooperative in Ghana. I not only loved their beautiful batik fabrics but also was inspired by their ethos. After making the bags for family and friends, I decided to produce more bags and sold them at a local store. I sent the profits back to Global Mamas. Since the bags were very succesful and there was a clear demand, I set off to produce more bags. Again I found myself looking for material in the vast world of the internet, but this time I was determined to find sustainable and fair trade fabrics. In my search, I realized how hard it is to find those kinds of websites and every time I found one I was absolutely enthralled by their mission and the stories behind their products. I decided I wanted to do something about it, I had to share with everyone not only the incredible products but also the stories behind them. In my own modest way, I set out to support and spread the word about all these incredible women who are very often enduring or overcoming the unimaginable, yet they manage to stand up and try to make a better world for themselves and their families.
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